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Inspection services are an integral factor in successful project management. Requiring personnel with experience, expertise, certifications and relevant training.

PCS offers inspection personnel with the appropriate credentials necessary to verify compliance with customer specifications. These include AWS certified welding inspectors, NACE certified coating inspectors, API and ASME qualified inspectors, as well as ASNT rated inspectors. This guarantees the highest level of performance by contractors in any marine construction or pipeline environment.

Our inspection personnel have been involved in ultra deep water pipe lays, J-lay operations, directional drills, beach approaches, river crossings, high temperature, and H2S pipelines.

Platform, deck and module construction, metering facilities, pressure vessels, interconnecting piping, along with instrumentation and electrical inspections, have been performed by PCS inspection personnel, often in conjunction with the C.A.T.S.® (Construction Automated Tracking System) program.

PCS Inspectors have worked in pipemills in the U.S., Mexico, Japan, Germany, France and Norway, as well as in coating yards using the entire spectrum of applications.

Inspection of underwater construction is carried out by our personnel with expertise in diving, ROV, and one atmosphere diving suit operations and have included platform inspections, hyperbaric weld repairs, tie-ins, platform removals, riser installations and hot taps.

Most importantly, PCS Inspectors maintain a communication link with our clients insuring the exchange of information critical to the successful completion of the project.

We can Provide:

  • Safety Inspectors
  • Environmental Inspectors
  • Inspectors familiar with welding procedures and qualifying welders
  • Chief and assistant chief inspectors
  • Welding inspectors (ex company welders)
  • Certified welding inspectors (certified by agencies other than the American Welding Society)
  • American Welding Society Certified Welding inspectors
  • Coating Inspectors
  • NACE Certified coating inspectors
  • All Pipeline utility inspection
    • Survey
    • Fencing
    • Clearing
    • Grading
    • Ditching
    • Backfill
    • Rough clean up
    • Final clean up

We can provide people familiar with almost all aspects of pipeline maintenance and construction.

Capabilities of Our Group Include:

  • Preliminary route selection
  • Aerial Route Selection
  • Assistance Recommending Contractors
  • Assistance Assembling Contraction Specifications for a Project
  • Assistance with reviewing the construction contract before it goes out for bid

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